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=> Y-Autoencoders: Disentangling latent representations via sequential encoding
=> YACCLAB: Yet Another Connected Components Labeling Benchmark
=> YaDiV: An open platform for 3D visualization and 3D segmentation of medical data
=> Yale Face Database
=> Yale Face Database
=> Yale
=> Yale
=> Yangon River Geomorphology Identification And Its Enviromental Imapacts Analsysis by Optical and Radar Sensing Techniques
=> YARF system for vision-based road following, The
=> Yaw Estimation Using Cylindrical and Ellipsoidal Face Models
=> yBRIEF: A study of non-Gaussian Binary Elementary Features
=> YCB-Video
=> YCbCr Color Depth Packing Method and its Extension for 3D Video Broadcasting Services, A
=> YDTR: Infrared and Visible Image Fusion via Y-Shape Dynamic Transformer
=> Year-Long Total Lightning Forecast over Italy with a Dynamic Lightning Scheme and WRF, A
=> Year-to-year variability of NDVI in croplands and grasslands across a regional grasslands-forest ecotone in Central Alberta, Canada
=> Year of Volcanic Hot-Spot Detection over Mediterranean Europe Using SEVIRI/MSG, A
=> Yearly and Daily Relationship Assessment between Air Pollution and Early-Stage COVID-19 Incidence: Evidence from 231 Countries and Regions
=> Yeast cell detection in color microscopic images using ROC-optimized decoloring and segmentation
=> Yellow or Gold?: Neural Processing of Gloss Information
=> Yet Another Cost Aggregation Over Models
=> Yet Another Intermediate-level Attack
=> Yet Another Map Algebra
=> Yet another mesh array smart sensor?
=> Yet Another Method for Pose Estimation: A Probabilistic Approach using Points, Lines, and Cylinders
=> Yet Another Survey on Image Segmentation: Region and Boundary Information Integration
=> Yield Adjustment Using GPR-Derived Spatial Covariance Structure in Cassava Field: A Preliminary Investigation
=> Yield Estimates by a Two-Step Approach Using Hyperspectral Methods in Grasslands at High Latitudes
=> Yield Estimation of Paddy Rice Based on Satellite Imagery: Comparison of Global and Local Regression Models
=> Yield Estimation of Sunflower Plant With Cnn and Ann Using Sentinel-2
=> Yield Estimation of Wheat Using Cropland Masks from European Common Agrarian Policy: Comparing the Performance of Enhanced Vegetation Index 2, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, and MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index in Spanish Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics Level 2 Regions
=> Yield Prediction in Soybean Crop Grown under Different Levels of Water Availability Using Reflectance Spectroscopy and Partial Least Squares Regression
=> Yin and Yang: Balancing and Answering Binary Visual Questions
=> YIQ Vector Quantization in a New Color Palette Architecture
=> Yoco: Light-Weight Rate Control Model Learning
=> Yoga-82: A New Dataset for Fine-grained Classification of Human Poses
=> Yoga Posture Recognition for Self-training
=> YOGA: Deep object detection in the wild with lightweight feature learning and multiscale attention
=> YogaNet: 3-D Yoga Asana Recognition Using Joint Angular Displacement Maps With ConvNets
=> YOLACT: Real-Time Instance Segmentation
=> YOLACT++ Better Real-Time Instance Segmentation
=> YOLinO: Generic Single Shot Polyline Detection in Real Time
=> YOLO-Anti: YOLO-based counterattack model for unseen congested object detection
=> YOLO-Based Approach for Aedes Aegypti Larvae Classification and Detection, A
=> YOLO-Crater Model for Small Crater Detection
=> YOLO-DCTI: Small Object Detection in Remote Sensing Base on Contextual Transformer Enhancement
=> YOLO-HR: Improved YOLOv5 for Object Detection in High-Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Images
=> YOLO-Lite: An Efficient Lightweight Network for SAR Ship Detection
=> YOLO-Pose: Enhancing YOLO for Multi Person Pose Estimation Using Object Keypoint Similarity Loss
=> YOLO-ReT: Towards High Accuracy Real-time Object Detection on Edge GPUs
=> YOLO-RS: A More Accurate and Faster Object Detection Method for Remote Sensing Images
=> YOLO-RTUAV: Towards Real-Time Vehicle Detection through Aerial Images with Low-Cost Edge Devices
=> YOLO-SD: Small Ship Detection in SAR Images by Multi-Scale Convolution and Feature Transformer Module
=> Yolo-SG: Salience-Guided Detection Of Small Objects In Medical Images
=> YOLO-ViT-Based Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Infrared Vehicle Target Detection
=> YOLO for Penguin Detection and Counting Based on Remote Sensing Images
=> Yolo in the Dark: Domain Adaptation Method for Merging Multiple Models
=> Yolo+FPN: 2D and 3D Fused Object Detection With an RGB-D Camera
=> YOLO3D: End-to-End Real-Time 3D Oriented Object Bounding Box Detection from LiDAR Point Cloud
=> Yolo5face: Why Reinventing a Face Detector
=> YOLO9000: Better, Faster, Stronger
=> YOLOD: A Target Detection Method for UAV Aerial Imagery
=> YOLOFig detection model development using deep learning
=> YOLOpeds: Efficient Real-Time Single-Shot Pedestrian Detection for Smart Camera Applications
=> YOLOSA: Object detection based on 2D local feature superimposed self-attention
=> YOLOv3-based human detection and heuristically modified-LSTM for abnormal human activities detection in ATM machine
=> YOLOv3-Based Matching Approach for Roof Region Detection from Drone Images
=> YOLOv4-dense: A smaller and faster YOLOv4 for real-time edge-device based object detection in traffic scene
=> YOLOv7-MA: Improved YOLOv7-Based Wheat Head Detection and Counting
=> YOLOv7-sea: Object Detection of Maritime UAV Images based on Improved pYOLOv7
=> YOLOv7: Trainable Bag-of-Freebies Sets New State-of-the-Art for Real-Time Object Detectors
=> YOLSE: Egocentric Fingertip Detection from Single RGB Images
=> YOLSO: You Only Look Small Object
=> York University
=> York University
=> YORO - Lightweight End to End Visual Grounding
=> Yoti
=> Yotta OMG
=> YoTube: Searching Action Proposal Via Recurrent and Static Regression Networks
=> You'll never walk alone: Modeling social behavior for multi-target tracking
=> You're It!: Role Identification Using Pairwise Interactions in Tag Games
=> You're Not You When You're Angry: Robust Emotion Features Emerge by Recognizing Speakers
=> You-Do, I-Learn: Discovering Task Relevant Objects and their Modes of Interaction from Multi-User Egocentric Video
=> You-Do, I-Learn: Egocentric unsupervised discovery of objects and their modes of interaction towards video-based guidance
=> You Already Have It: A Generator-Free Low-Precision DNN Training Framework Using Stochastic Rounding
=> You always look again: Learning to detect the unseen objects
=> You Are Catching My Attention: Are Vision Transformers Bad Learners under Backdoor Attacks?
=> You Are Here: Geolocation by Embedding Maps and Images
=> You are Here: Mimicking the Human Thinking Process in Reading Floor-Plans
=> You Are What You Eat: Exploring Rich Recipe Information for Cross-Region Food Analysis
=> You Can Ground Earlier than See: An Effective and Efficient Pipeline for Temporal Sentence Grounding in Compressed Videos
=> You Can Judge an Artist by an Album Cover: Using Images for Music Annotation
=> You Describe it, I Will Name it: An Approach to Alleviate the Effect of Users' Semantics in Assigning Tags to Features In VGI
=> You Do Not Need Additional Priors or Regularizers in Retinex-Based Low-Light Image Enhancement
=> You Don't Only Look Once: Constructing Spatial-Temporal Memory for Integrated 3D Object Detection and Tracking
=> You Lead, We Exceed: Labor-Free Video Concept Learning by Jointly Exploiting Web Videos and Images
=> You look so different! Haven't I seen you a long time ago?
=> You Look Twice: GaterNet for Dynamic Filter Selection in CNNs
=> You Need Multiple Exiting: Dynamic Early Exiting for Accelerating Unified Vision Language Model
=> You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection
=> You Only Look One-level Feature
=> You Only Look Yourself: Unsupervised and Untrained Single Image Dehazing Neural Network
=> You Only Need The Image: Unsupervised Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation With Co-Guidance Network
=> You Only Search Once: Single Shot Neural Architecture Search via Direct Sparse Optimization
=> You Only Segment Once: Towards Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation
=> You Only Train Once: Learning General and Distinctive 3D Local Descriptors
=> You Ought to Look Around: Precise, Large Span Action Detection
=> You Reap What You Sow: Using Videos to Generate High Precision Object Proposals for Weakly-Supervised Object Detection
=> You Said That?: Synthesising Talking Faces from Audio
=> You See What I Want You to See: Exploring Targeted Black-Box Transferability Attack for Hash-based Image Retrieval Systems
=> You Should Look at All Objects
=> You Should Look at All Objects
=> You Tube and I Find Personalizing Multimedia Content Access
=> You2Me: Inferring Body Pose in Egocentric Video via First and Second Person Interactions
=> YouCook2
=> YouMVOS: An Actor-centric Multi-shot Video Object Segmentation Dataset
=> Young's Modulus Reconstruction for Radio-Frequency Ablation Electrode-Induced Displacement Fields: A Feasibility Study
=> Young author award special issue
=> Young people use their smartphone all the time- even when crossing the street?
=> Your Attention Deserves Attention: A Self-Diversified Multi-Channel Attention for Facial Action Analysis
=> Your Eye in the Sky: Satellite Reconnaissance Comes in from the Cold
=> Your Flamingo is My Bird: Fine-Grained, or Not
=> Your Local GAN: Designing Two Dimensional Local Attention Mechanisms for Generative Models
=> Your next camera will shoot 3-D
=> YouRefIt: Embodied Reference Understanding with Language and Gesture
=> YouTube-8M Dataset
=> YouTube-8M Dataset
=> YouTube-8M Large-Scale Video Understanding Workshop
=> YouTube-8M Large-Scale Video Understanding Workshop
=> YouTube-8M: A Large-Scale Video Classification Benchmark
=> YouTube-BoundingBoxes: A Large High-Precision Human-Annotated Data Set for Object Detection in Video
=> YouTube-VOS: Sequence-to-Sequence Video Object Segmentation
=> YouTube Faces DB
=> YouTube Lens: Crowdsourced Personality Impressions and Audiovisual Analysis of Vlogs, The
=> YouTube Movie Reviews: Sentiment Analysis in an Audio-Visual Context
=> YouTube Video Promotion by Cross-Network Association: @Britney to Advertise Gangnam Style
=> YouTube2Text: Recognizing and Describing Arbitrary Activities Using Semantic Hierarchies and Zero-Shot Recognition
=> YouTubeCat: Learning to categorize wild web videos
=> YouTubeEvent: On large-scale video event classification
=> YUV Correction for Multi-View Video Compression
=> YuvConv: Multi-Scale Non-Uniform Convolution Structure Based on YUV Color Model
=> YYC: A Fast Performance Incremental Algorithm for Finding Typical Testors

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