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Aparin, G.P. Co Author Listing * [Report On] Pria '93, Pattern Recognition And Image Analysis-A Scientific Conference Of The Commonwealth Of Independent States (Minsk, Belarus, November 15-17, 1993)

Apffel, J.M. Co Author Listing * Architecture For Region Boundary Extraction In Raster Scan Images Suitable For Vlsi Implementation, An

Apodaca, A.A. Co Author Listing * Renderman: Pursuing The Future Of Graphics

Apostolico, A. Co Author Listing * Boyer-Moore-Galil String Searching Strategies Revisited, The
* Efficient Parallel Algorithms For String Editing And Related Problems
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: String Algorithms And Its Applications, Algorithmica 12(4-5)
* Improving The Worst-Case Performance Of The Hunt-Szymanski Strategy For The Longest Common Subsequence Of Two Strings
* Longest Common Subsequence Problem Revisited, The
* Pattern Matching Algorithms, Oxford University Press
* Remark On The Hsu-Du New Algorithm For The Longest Common Subsequence Problem
* Structural Properties Of The String Statistics Problem
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Appel, U. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study Of Three Sequential Time Series Segmentation Algorithms, A

Apperloo, W. Co Author Listing * Numerical Optimisation In Spot Detector Design

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