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CASDD(86) * Algorithm-Driven Architecture For Parallel Image Processing
* Architectures Of Simd Cellular Logic Image Processing Arrays
* Classification Schemes For Image Processing Architectures
* Computer Architecture For Interactive Display Of Segment Imagery
* Considerations On Pyramidal Pipelines For Spatial Analysis Of Geoscience Map Data
* Conversion Via Software Of A Simd Processor Into A Mimd Processor. Ps-2000, An Array Processor, Becomes Ahr, A General Purpose Lisp Machine., The
* Disparity Based Scene Analysis
* Efficient Storage Of Quadtrees And Octrees
* Image Processing With Hierarchical Cellular Logic
* Interpolation Method On Triangular Networks For Surface Model Architectures, An
* Introduction To A Simple But Unconventional Multiprocessor System And Outline Of An Application
* Microcomputer And Software Architecture For Processing Sequences Of Maps: Association Of Successive Frames
* Octrees: A Data Structure For Solid-Object Modeling
* One, Two, ... Many Processors For Image Processing
* Parallel Processing
* Pasm System And Parallel Image Processing, The
* Pyramid Architectures For Image Analysis
* Representations Of Spatially Parallel Architectures
* Using Quadtrees To Represent Spatial Data
* Vlsi Multiprocessor For Image Processing
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