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EIK (24) * Design And Test Of A Pattern Matching Circuit

EIK(19) * Graph Grammars For Petri Net Processes
* On Searching Plane Labyrinths By 1-Pebble Automata

EIK(20) * Fast Mellin Transformation, A
* Integrals Of Chord Length Powers For Planar Convex Figures
* Planar Random Sections Of Polyhedrons
* Problems In Labyrinths Decidable By Pebble Automata
* Sets And Measures Of Fractional Dimension

EIK(24) * Partition Of A Square In Rectangles With Equal Areas, The

EIK(25) * Graph-Theoretical Properties And Chain Code Picture Languages

EIK(26) * Finite Embedded Trees And Simply Connected Mazes Cannot Be Searched By Halting Finite Automata
* Formal Theory Of Errors In Tree Representations Of Patterns, A

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