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EMIP(87) * Algorithmic Comparison Of Meshes And Pyramids, An
* Application Of Parallel Processing For Automatic Inspection Of Printed Circuits
* Benchmark Results: The Abingdon Cross
* Closing The Feedback Loop In Machine Vision
* Computer Configurations For The Processing Of Diagnostic Imagery In Histopathology
* Constructing Multi-Level Multi-Computer Networks
* Data-Driven Vlsi Image Processor (Impp)-A Lsi Version Of Tip, A
* Evaluation Of Some Chips For Image Processing, An
* High-Speed Image Processor: Tospix-Ii
* Higher Level Operations Using Processor Arrays
* How Not To Benchmark Image Processors
* On Benchmarks: Dynamically Improving Experimental Comparisons
* Permutation And Rotation Functions For The Massively Parallel Processor
* Scaling And Rotational Registration
* Simulation Based Performance Measures For Simd/Mimd Processing
* Simulation Of Large Networks Of Processors By Smaller Ones
* Vision On A Systolic Array Machine
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