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HPRIP(86) * Algorithms And Techniques For Automated Visual Inspection
* Biomedical Image Analysis
* Cellular Logic Arrays For Image Processing
* Character Recognition By Computer And Applications
* Cluster Analysis
* Computational Analysis Of Time-Varying Images, A
* Computer Vision
* Determining Three-Dimensional Motion And Structure From Perspective Views
* Feature Selection And Extraction
* Image Coding
* Image Database Systems
* Image Enhancement And Restoration
* Image Models
* Image Segmentation
* Parallel Architectures For Image Processing, Computer Vision, And Pattern Perception
* Problem Solving Methods For Pattern Recognition
* Reconstruction From Projections: Applications In Computerized Tomography
* Remote Sensing
* Statistical Image Texture Analysis
* Statistical Pattern Classification
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition: Stochastic Languages
* Two-Dimensional Shape Representation
* Vlsi Array Architecture For Pattern Analysis And Image Processing
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