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IC (63) * Geometric Retrival Problems

IC(61) * Dynamic, First-Fit Packings In Two Or More Dimensions

IC(62) * Arbitrary Versus Periodic Storage Schemes And Tessellations Of The Plane Using One Type Of Polyomino

IC(63) * Algorithm For Covering Polygons With Rectangles, An
* Dynamic C-Oriented Polygonal Intersection Searching

IC(64) * Algorithms For Approximate String Matching
* Fast Triangulation Of The Plane With Respect To Simple Polygons

IC(67) * Optimal Parallel Algorithms For String Matching
* Optimal Pattern Matching In Strings
* Symmetrical One-Dimensional Cellular Spaces

IC(68) * New Upper Bounds For Neighbor Searching
* Sorting Jordan Sequences In Linear Time Using Level-Linked Search Trees

IC(69) * Machines For Attribute Grammars
* Solving Tree Problems On A Mesh-Connected Processor Array

IC(71) * Simulation Of Large Networks On Smaller Networks
* Systolic Trellis Automata: Stability, Decidability And Complexity

IC(72) * Optimal Computation Of Finitely Oriented Convex Hulls

IC(73) * Layouts With Wires Of Bounded Length

IC(75) * Time-Space Efficient Algorithms For Computing Convolutions And Related Problems

IC(83) * Approximation Algorithms For The Shortest Common Superstring Problem

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