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July 1-3 * Workshop On Non-Linear Model-Based Analysis, Glasgow, Scotland

July 12-15 * International Symposium On Spatial Data Handling, Vancouver, Canada

July 12-16 * Workshop On Image And Multi-Dimensional Digital Signal Processing, Alpbach, Austria

July 12 * International Symposium On Advances In Signal, Image Processing, Computer Vision, And Graphics, Orlando, Fl

July 14-17 * Sixth International [Iee] Conference On Image Processing And Its Applications, Dublin, Ireland

July 15 * Bmva/Bra Technical Meeting|The Visual Guidance Of Robots, London, Uk

July 17-21 * World Congress On Neural Networks, Washington, Dc

July 19-24 * Siggraph '98, 25th International Acm Conference On Computer Graphics And Interactive Techniques, Orlando, Fl

July 2-4 * First International Conference On Scale-Space Theory In Computer Vision, Utrecht, The Netherlands

July 22-26 * Sirs '96, International Symposium On Intelligent Robotic Systems, Lisbon, Portugal

July 24-26 * Second Acm International Conference On Digital Libraries, Philadelphia, Pa

July 26-30 * Aaai '98, Fifteenth National Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Madison, Wi

July 27-28 * Workshop On Trends In Document Image Analysis, Lincoln, Nb

July 27-31 * Fourteenth National Conference On Artificial Intelligence Aaai-97, Providence, Ri

July 29-31 * International Conference On Information Visualisation, London, Uk

July 3-5 * Fourth French National Conference On Writing And Document[S], Nantes, France
* Second International Workshop On Algorithmic Foundations Of Robotics, Toulouse, France
* Workshop On Image Fusion And Shape Variability Techniques, Leeds, Uk

July 31-August 3 * Eighth International Conference On Engineering Computer Graphics And Descriptive Geometry, Austin, Tx

July 31-August 4 * Workshop On Computational Vision, Stockholm, Sweden

July 4-6 * Fifth International Conference On Image Processing And Its Applications, Edinburgh, Uk
* International Meeting On Fully Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction In Radiology And Nuclear Medicine, Aix-Les-Bains, France

July 6-7 * Medical Image Understanding And Analysis, Leeds, Uk

July 6-9 * International Conference On Imaging Science, Systems, And Technology, Las Vegas, Nv
* International Conference On Multisource-Multisensor Information Fusion, Las Vegas, Nv

July 7-11 * Symposium On Image Processing And Related Fields, World Multiconference On Systemics, Cybernetics, And Informatics, Caracas, Venezuela

July 7-8 * Medical Image Understanding And Analysis, Oxford, England

July 7-9 * Twelfth International Conference On Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Engineering, Capri, Italy

July 9 * Iee Colloquium On Computer Vision For Virtual Human Modelling, London, Uk

July(XX) * Guest Ed., (Special Section On) Hardware Supported Texturing (Papers From The Tenth Eurographics Workshop On Graphics Hardware, Maastricht, The Netherlands, August 199
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Understanding Shape: Perspectives From Natural And Machine Vision, Ivc 11(6)
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Advanced Systems Architectures For Artificial Intelligence, T-Smc 19 (4)
* Guest Eds., (Special Issue On) Advanced Sensors, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Technical Digest 16(
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Information Processing In Medical Imaging, Ivc 10(6)
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Information Processing In Medical Imaging, Ivc 12(6)

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