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Since 2003 the maintainer of the Computer Vision Bibliography and the Complete Computer Vision Conference Listing has been enjoying retirement from full time computer vision research. At one time support came from the continued computer resources provided by the USC Computer Vision Group. Support from USC, IRIS Computer Vision Group
Past support was available from: the IEEE Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.
And at various times smaller amounts from: Microsoft Research And from: Computer Vision: A Modern Approach David A. Forsyth and Jean Ponce,

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At one time I depended a bit on Google ads/ad words, but Google has joined the Peoples Republic of China in declaring part of this site dangerous. (It seems appropriate that they join in this effort since both are somewhat secretive. Part of my site has at times been blocked in China (at least not accessible there), and Google says the site "poses a significant risk" -- another way to say that this site provides useful information outside the control of the big G.)

May 2018 was difficult for the users of this site. About the time I left for vacation, there was a disruption by the hosting company, then things worked for a while, then they broke completely. The former provider ( apparently decided to point to the previous server (they had transferred the site in April to new servers) rather than the current server. According to online reviews, this became a common problem for many other Site5 users. When I returned from vacation, it was faster to just move the site to another provider than to get through to some intelligent support person. Indeed, 2 days after the transfer (4 days after my last attempt at contact) Site5 support finally responded by saying they could not do anything until I changed my DNS pointers back to the wrong ones on their site. Site5 customer service continues to exhibit total incompetence with occasional requests that I make changes. As long as they continue to bother me, I will continue to complain about their lack of service.

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