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Ebolese, D. * 2017: 3d Modeling of Two Louteria Fragments By Image-based Approach
* 2017: Main Portal of the Cathedral of Monreale: First Geometric Analysis And Interpretive Assessment of Architectural Features, The
* 2019: 3d Reconstruction of The Roman Domus in The Archaeological Site Of Lylibaeum (Marsala, Italy)
* 2019: Integrated 3D Survey for Underground Archaeological Environment, The
* 2019: UAV Survey for The Archaeological Map of Lilybaeum (Marsala, Italy)

Eboli, L.[Laura] * 2017: Measuring the driver's perception error in the traffic accident risk evaluation

Eboli, T.[Thomas] * 2020: End-to-end Interpretable Learning of Non-blind Image Deblurring

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