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Eilers, M. * 2020: Interaction Between Direct Georeferencing, Control Point Configuration And Camera Self-calibration for RTK-Based UAV Photogrammetry

Eilers, P.H.C. * 2017: Automatic smoothing of remote sensing data

Eilertsen, G. * 2016: high dynamic range video codec optimized by large-scale testing, A
* 2016: Real-time noise-aware tone-mapping and its use in luminance retargeting
* 2017: BriefMatch: Dense Binary Feature Matching for Real-Time Optical Flow Estimation
* 2019: Single-Frame Regularization for Temporally Stable CNNs
* 2020: Evaluation of Objective Image Quality Assessment for Thermal Infrared Video Tone Mapping, An
Includes: Eilertsen, G. Eilertsen, G.[Gabriel]

Eilertsen, K. * 2003: algorithm for fast adaptive image binarization with applications in radiotherapy imaging, An

Eilevstjonn, J.[Joar] * 2016: Detection of Activities During Newborn Resuscitation Based on Short-Time Energy of Acceleration Signal
Includes: Eilevstjonn, J.[Joar] Eilevstjønn, J.[Joar]

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