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Eiriksdottir, A.[Aslaug] * 2014: M3 + P3 + O3 = Multi-D Photo Browsing
* 2015: Multi-Dimensional Data Model for Personal Photo Browsing, A
Includes: Eiriksdottir, A.[Aslaug] Eiríksdóttir, Á.[Áslaug]

Eiriksson, E.R. * 2015: Precision and Accuracy Parameters in Structured Light 3-D Scanning
* 2017: Augmented Reality Interfaces for Additive Manufacturing
Includes: Eiriksson, E.R. Eiríksson, E.R. Eiriksson, E.R.[Eythor R.]

Eiriksson, H.[Hrafnkell] * 2003: Some Issues of Biological Shape Modelling with Applications

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