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Elaksher, A. * 2008: Fusion of Hyperspectral Images and LIDAR-Based DEMs for Coastal Mapping
* 2008: Multi-Photo Least Squares Matching Algorithm for Urban Area DEM Refinement Using Breaklines, A
* 2017: Fine-Resolution Repeat Topographic Surveying of Dryland Landscapes Using UAS-Based Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry: Assessing Accuracy and Precision against Traditional Ground-Based Erosion Measurements
Includes: Elaksher, A. Elaksher, A.[Ahmed]

Elaksher, A.F.[Ahmed F.] * 2002: Assessment of Two Cheap Close-Range Feature Extraction Systems
* 2002: Reconstructing 3D Building Wireframes from Multiple Images
* 2002: Reconstructing 3D Buildings from LIDAR Data
* 2008: framework for generating high quality digital elevation models in urban areas, A
* 2008: Matching Conjugate Points between Multi Resolution Satellite Images Using Geometric and Radiometric Properties
* 2008: Multi-Image Matching Using Neural Networks and Photogrammetric Conditions

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