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Elbaati, A.[Abdelkarim] * 2009: Arabic Handwriting Recognition Using Restored Stroke Chronology
* 2009: Temporal Order Recovery of the Scanned Handwriting

Elbagoury, A.M.[Azza M.] * 2020: Novel breast cancer classification framework based on deep learning

Elbahi, A.[Anis] * 2015: Web User Interact Task Recognition Based on Conditional Random Fields

Elbahnasawy, M.[Magdy] * 2018: Bias Impact Analysis and Calibration of Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR System With Several Spinning Multibeam Laser Scanners

Elbahri, M.[Mohamed] * 2016: Parallel algorithm implementation for multi-object tracking and surveillance
* 2017: edge-based method for effective abandoned luggage detection in complex surveillance videos, An

Elbakary, M. * 2014: Shadow Detection of Man-Made Buildings in High-Resolution Panchromatic Satellite Images

Elbakary, M.I.[Mohamed I.] * 2005: Accurate representation of local frequency using a computationally efficient Gabor filter fusion approach with application to image registration
* 2007: Multi-modal image registration using local frequency representation and computer-aided design (CAD) models

Elbakri, I.A. * 2002: Statistical image reconstruction for polyenergetic X-ray computed tomography

Elbalaoui, A. * 2016: Automatic Detection of Blood Vessel in Retinal Images

Elbanhawi, M. * 2016: Randomized Bidirectional B-Spline Parameterization Motion Planning

Elbarashy, B.[Basem] * 2021: Distributed Learning and Inference With Compressed Images

Elbassioni, K. * 2017: Drive Mode Optimization and Path Planning for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Elbau, P. * 2008: Denoising techniques for raw 3D data of TOF cameras based on clustering and wavelets
* 2010: Patch-Based Nonlocal Functional for Denoising Fluorescence Microscopy Image Sequences
* 2015: Modelling the Effect of Focusing Detectors in Photoacoustic Sectional Imaging

Elbaum, C. * 1982: Neural Model for Category Learning, A

Elbaum, M. * 1997: Wavelet representations for monitoring changes in teeth imaged with digital imaging fiber-optic transillumination

Elbayoumi, T.[Tamer] * 2018: Mapping and Forecasting Onsets of Harmful Algal Blooms Using MODIS Data over Coastal Waters Surrounding Charlotte County, Florida
* 2019: Forecasting GRACE Data over the African Watersheds Using Artificial Neural Networks

Elbayoumi, T.M.[Tamer M.] * 2020: Statistical Applications to Downscale GRACE-Derived Terrestrial Water Storage Data and to Fill Temporal Gaps

Elbaz, A.[Ariel] * 2008: Privacy Preserving Pattern Classification

Elbaz, G. * 2017: 3D Point Cloud Registration for Localization Using a Deep Neural Network Auto-Encoder

Elbaz, M. * 1994: Signal and image reconstruction from partial Fourier phase
* 2014: simple and efficient algorithm for dot patterns reconstruction, A
Includes: Elbaz, M. Elbaz, M.[Mounir]

Elbaz, S.[Shelly] * 2021: Impacts of Spatial Resolution, Viewing Angle, and Spectral Vegetation Indices on the Quantification of Woody Mediterranean Species Seasonality Using Remote Sensing, The

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