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Elez, J.[Javier] * 2020: Quantification of Erosion and Uplift in a Rising Orogen: A Large-Scale Perspective (Late Tortonian to Present): The Case of the Gibraltar Arc, Betic Cordillera, Southern Spain

Elezabi, A. * 2019: Low-Complexity Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Algorithms for Vehicular Communications Using the IEEE 802.11p Standard

Elezaj, O. * 2020: Importance Of Skip Connections In Encoder-Decoder Architectures For Colorectal Polyp Detection, The

Elezi, I.[Ismail] * 2017: Revealing structure in large graphs: Szemerédi's regularity lemma and its use in pattern recognition
* 2018: DeepScores-A Dataset for Segmentation, Detection and Classification of Tiny Objects
* 2018: Transductive Label Augmentation for Improved Deep Network Learning
* 2020: CIAGAN: Conditional Identity Anonymization Generative Adversarial Networks
* 2020: Group Loss for Deep Metric Learning, The
Includes: Elezi, I.[Ismail] Elezi, I.

Elezovikj, S. * 2021: Rainy Night Scene Understanding With Near Scene Semantic Adaptation

Elezzabi, A.Y. * 2010: Block-based adaptive compressed sensing for video
* 2011: Maximum Frame Rate Video Acquisition Using Adaptive Compressed Sensing

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