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Erlebacher, G. * 2011: Hybrid No-Reference Natural Image Quality Assessment of Noisy, Blurry, JPEG2000, and JPEG Images
* 2012: New Reweighted Algorithm With Support Detection for Compressed Sensing, A

Erleben, K.[Kenny] * 2005: Area and Volume Restoration in Elastically Deformable Solids
* 2007: Boneless Pose Editing and Animation
* 2007: Line-Stepping for Shell Meshes
* 2008: Guessing Tangents in Normal Flows
* 2009: Three Dimensional Monocular Human Motion Analysis in End-Effector Space
* 2011: hyper elasticity method for interactive virtual design of hearing aids: A parallel method for general non-linear hyper elasticity modeling, A
* 2019: Automated Acquisition of Anisotropic Friction
Includes: Erleben, K.[Kenny] Erleben, K.
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Erler, M.[Martin] * 2015: Fast and Robust linear motion deblurring

Erler, P.[Philipp] * 2020: Points2surf Learning Implicit Surfaces from Point Clouds

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