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Aelterman, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Cell Nuclei Detection Using Globally Optimal Active Contours with Shape Prior
* Combined non-local and multi-resolution sparsity prior in image restoration
* Compass: A joint framework for Parallel Imaging and Compressive Sensing in MRI
* Complex wavelet joint denoising and demosaicing using Gaussian scale mixtures
* Efficient design of a low redundant Discrete Shearlet Transform
* GPU-Accelerated Real-Time NLMeans Algorithm for Denoising Color Video Sequences, A
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on Quad-Bayer Re-Mosaic: Dataset and Report
* Noise Analysis and Removal in 3D Electron Microscopy
* primal-dual algorithm for joint demosaicking and deconvolution, A
* Reconstruction of High Dynamic Range images with poisson noise modeling and integrated denoising
* Robust Active Contour Segmentation with an Efficient Global Optimizer
* Sparse Recovery in Magnetic Resonance Imaging With a Markov Random Field Prior
* Two-stage denoising method for hyperspectral images combining KPCA and total variation
* Variational multi-image stereo matching
Includes: Aelterman, J.[Jan] Aelterman, J.
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