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Akasaka, K.[Kiyotaka] Co Author Listing * Elastic convolved ICP for the registration of deformable objects
* Sensor for Simultaneously Capturing Texture and Shape by Projecting Structured Infrared Light, A

Akash, A.F.[Al Farabi] Co Author Listing * Bdsl36: A Dataset for Bangladeshi Sign Letters Recognition
Includes: Akash, A.F.[Al Farabi] Akash, A.F.[Al-Farabi]

Akash, A.K.[Aditya Kumar] Co Author Listing * FairALM: Augmented Lagrangian Method for Training Fair Models with Little Regret

Akash, F.R.[Fazly Rabby] Co Author Listing * Single cell mass measurement from deformation of nanofork

Akash, K. Co Author Listing * Computational Modeling of the Dynamics of Human Trust During Human-Machine Interactions

Akashi, R. Co Author Listing * Scattering tomography using ellipsoidal mirror

Akashi, T.[Takuya] Co Author Listing * Cross-Domain Deep Feature Combination for Bird Species Classification with Audio-Visual Data
* Fast Affine Template Matching over Galois Field
* High-Speed and Local-Changes Invariant Image Matching
* Robust Non-Parametric Template Matching with Local Rigidity Constraints
* Robust Projective Template Matching
* Robust Visual Tracking via Coupled Randomness
* Two-Side Agreement Learning for Non-Parametric Template Matching
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Akashi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Co Author Listing * Separation of Reflection Components by Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Includes: Akashi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Akashi, Y.S.[Yasu-Shi]

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