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Alghaili, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Deep feature learning for gender classification with covered/camouflaged faces

Alghais, N. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of The Impacts of Lack of Geoinformation Data in Crisis Management During The 2018 Kuwait Flood

Alghamdi, A.S.[Ali S.] Co Author Listing * Local Climate Zones and Thermal Characteristics in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia

AlGhamdi, M. Co Author Listing * DU-Net: Convolutional Network for the Detection of Arterial Calcifications in Mammograms
* Speech Recognition System of Arabic Alphabet Based on a Telephony Arabic Corpus
* Supporting young students to learn computer programming in an early schooling
Includes: AlGhamdi, M. Alghamdi, M.[Mansour] Alghamdi, M.

Alghanim, A.[Amerah] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Road Characteristics and Contributor Behaviour for Assessing Road Type Quality in OSM

Alghassi, H. Co Author Listing * Audio Surveillance Eye, The

Alghoniemy, M. Co Author Listing * Audio-visual content-based violent scene characterization
* Geometric Invariance in image watermarking
* Image Watermarking by Moment Invariants
* Neural-Network-Based Beamformer for Phased Array Weather Radar, A
* Progressive Quantized Projection Approach to Data Hiding

Alghorani, Y.[Yahia] Co Author Listing * Improved S-AF and S-DF Relaying Schemes Using Machine Learning Based Power Allocation Over Cascaded Rayleigh Fading Channels

Alghowinem, S.[Sharifa] Co Author Listing * Cross-cultural detection of depression from nonverbal behaviour
* Eye movement analysis for depression detection
* Multimodal Depression Detection: Fusion Analysis of Paralinguistic, Head Pose and Eye Gaze Behaviors
Includes: Alghowinem, S.[Sharifa] Alghowinem, S.

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