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Aplin, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Networks for Raster Data (BayNeRD): Plausible Reasoning from Observations
* Developing the Role of Earth Observation in Spatio-Temporal Mosquito Modelling to Identify Malaria Hot-Spots
* Earth Observation Technology Cluster, The
* Innovative Technologies for Terrestrial Remote Sensing
* Mapping Complex Urban Land Cover from Spaceborne Imagery: The Influence of Spatial Resolution, Spectral Band Set and Classification Approach
* Predicting Missing Field Boundaries to Increase Per-Field Classification Accuracy
* Probabilistic Mapping and Spatial Pattern Analysis of Grazing Lawns in Southern African Savannahs Using WorldView-3 Imagery and Machine Learning Techniques
* Scrubbing Up: Multi-Scale Investigation of Woody Encroachment in a Southern African Savannah
* STARS: A New Method for Multitemporal Remote Sensing
* Super-resolution image analysis as a means of monitoring bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) distributions
* Time-Series Satellite Imagery Demonstrates the Progressive Failure of a City Master Plan to Control Urbanization in Abuja, Nigeria
* Tropical Peatland Vegetation Structure and Biomass: Optimal Exploitation of Airborne Laser Scanning
Includes: Aplin, P.[Paul] Aplin, P.
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