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Arik, S. Co Author Listing * Global Robust Stability of Bidirectional Associative Memory Neural Networks With Multiple Time Delays

Arik, S.O.[Sercan Omer] Co Author Listing * Alignment of uncalibrated images for multi-view classification
* Consistency-based Semi-supervised Active Learning: Towards Minimizing Labeling Cost
* Distilling Effective Supervision From Severe Label Noise
* Fast Spectrogram Inversion Using Multi-Head Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning to Transfer Learn: Reinforcement Learning-based Selection for Adaptive Transfer Learning
Includes: Arik, S.O.[Sercan Omer] Arik, S..[Sercan .] Arik, S..

Arikan, E.[Erdal] Co Author Listing * Error Resilient Layered Stereoscopic Video Streaming
* Robust Transmission of Multi-View Video Streams using Flexible Macroblock Ordering and Systematic LT Codes
Includes: Arikan, E.[Erdal] Arikan, E.

Arikan, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * AIROGS: Artificial Intelligence for Robust Glaucoma Screening Challenge

Arikan, O.[Orhan] Co Author Listing * AM/FM signal estimation with micro-segmentation and polynomial fit
* Computational Studies of Human Motion: Part 1, Tracking and Motion Synthesis
* Discovering Multi-Hardware Mobile Models via Architecture Search
* Efficient computation of joint fractional Fourier domain signal representation
Includes: Arikan, O.[Orhan] Arikan, O.[Okan]

Arikas, A.[Age] Co Author Listing * Mapping Water Quality Parameters with Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument imagery in the Baltic Sea

Arikawa, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * Articulated Trajectory Mapping for Reviewing Walking Tours
* Framework of Cognitive Indoor Navigation Based on Characteristics of Indoor Spatial Environment, A
* Mobile Collaborative Heatmapping to Infer Self-Guided Walking Tourists' Preferences for Geomedia
Includes: Arikawa, M.[Masatoshi] Arikawa, M.

Arikawa, T.[Tomohiko] Co Author Listing * Building Reconstruction Based on MDL Principle from 3D Feature Points
* Query-by-Sketch Image Retrieval Using Similarity in Stroke Order
* Urban object reconstruction using airborne laser elevation image and aerial image
Includes: Arikawa, T.[Tomohiko] Arikawa, T.[Toru] Arikawa, T.

Ariken, M.[Muhadaisi] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Human-Induced Forest Loss in China during 1900-2000

Ariki, Y.[Yasuo] Co Author Listing * 3D human posture estimation using the HoG features from monocular image
* 3D tracking of soccer players using time-situation graph in monocular image sequence
* 3D-Object Recognition Based on LLC Using Depth Spatial Pyramid
* Assisting human experts in the interpretation of their visual process: A case study on assessing copper surface adhesive potency
* Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Based on AAM Parameter and Phoneme Analysis of Visual Feature
* Classification of TV Sports News by DCT Features Using Multiple Subspace Method
* Color saliency for object identification
* Disambiguation in Unknown Object Detection by Integrating Image and Speech Recognition Confidences
* Discriminating Unknown Objects from Known Objects Using Image and Speech Information
* Estimation of object functions using deformable part model
* Expression Recognition with Ri-HOG Cascade
* Extraction of TV News Articles Based on Scene Cut Detection Using DCT Clustering
* Face Indexing on Video Data: Extraction, Recognition, Tracking and Modeling
* Fast and cheap object recognition by linear combination of views
* Gaze Estimation Using Regression Analysis and AAMs Parameters Selected Based on Information Criterion
* Generic Object Recognition by Tree Conditional Random Field Based on Hierarchical Segmentation
* Graph Cuts Segmentation by Using Local Texture Features of Multiresolution Analysis
* Human Action Recognition Using HDP by Integrating Motion and Location Information
* Indexing and Classification of TV News Articles Based on Telop Recognition
* Integration of Face and Speaker Recognition by Subspace Method
* Interactive Image Modeling and Tracing System for Moving Pictures, An
* Layer-Wise Invertibility for Extreme Memory Cost Reduction of CNN Training
* Learning an Efficient and Robust Graph Matching Procedure for Specific Object Recognition
* LLC Revisit: Scene Classification with k-Farthest Neighbours
* Multithreading AdaBoost framework for object recognition
* Object recognition and segmentation using SIFT and Graph Cuts
* Object Recognition by Integrated Information Using Web Images
* On Zero-Shot Recognition of Generic Objects
* Robust Learning Framework Using PSM and Ameliorated SVMs for Emotional Recognition, A
* robust SVM classification framework using PSM for multi-class recognition, A
* Rotation-reversal invariant HOG cascade for facial expression recognition
* Scale-invariant proximity graph for fast probabilistic object recognition
* Selection of Unknown Objects Specified by Speech Using Models Constructed from Web Images
* Task-Driven Saliency Detection on Music Video
* Video editing support system based on video grammar and content analysis
* Visual-to-speech conversion based on maximum likelihood estimation
Includes: Ariki, Y.[Yasuo] Ariki, Y.
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Arikidis, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided diagnosis of mammographic masses based on a supervised content-based image retrieval approach

Arikuma, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis control middleware for large-scale video surveillance

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