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Baer, A.E.[Allison E.] Co Author Listing * Missing Burns in the High Northern Latitudes: The Case for Regionally Focused Burned Area Products

Baer, G.[Gidon] Co Author Listing * SAR Interferometry for Sinkhole Early Warning and Susceptibility Assessment along the Dead Sea, Israel

Baer, S. Co Author Listing * frame center matching technique for precise registration of multitemporal airborne frame imagery, A

Baer, T.M. Co Author Listing * Automated Cell Segmentation for Quantitative Phase Microscopy

Baerentzen, J.A.[J. Andreas] Co Author Listing * Boneless Pose Editing and Animation
* Camera Resectioning from a Box
* Guide to Computational Geometry Processing: Foundations, Algorithms, and Methods
* Height and Tilt Geometric Texture
* Multiphase Image Segmentation Using the Deformable Simplicial Complex Method
* PDE Based Surface Estimation for Structure from Motion
* Regularisation of 3D Signed Distance Fields
Includes: Baerentzen, J.A.[J. Andreas] Baerentzen, J.A.[Jakob Andreas] Baerentzen, J.A.
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Baert, J.[Joost] Co Author Listing * Applying RGB- and Thermal-Based Vegetation Indices from UAVs for High-Throughput Field Phenotyping of Drought Tolerance in Forage Grasses

Baert, S.A.M. Co Author Listing * Guide Wire Reconstruction and Visualization in 3DRA Using Monoplane Fluoroscopic Imaging
* Guide-wire tracking during endovascular interventions
* Three-dimensional guide-wire reconstruction from biplane image sequences for integrated display in 3-d vasculature

Baert, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * UGESCO - A Hybrid Platform for Geo-Temporal Enrichment of Digital Photo Collections Based on Computational and Crowdsourced Metadata Generation

Baertlein, B.A. Co Author Listing * Effects of thin metal outer case and top air gap on thermal IR images of buried antitank and antipersonnel land mines
* Feature-Level and Decision-Level Fusion of Noncoincidently Sampled Sensors for Land Mine Detection
Includes: Baertlein, B.A. Baertlein, B.A.[Brian A.]

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