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Behzad, M.[Muzammil] Co Author Listing * Disentangling 3D/4D Facial Affect Recognition With Faster Multi-View Transformer
* Landmarks-assisted Collaborative Deep Framework for Automatic 4D Facial Expression Recognition
Includes: Behzad, M.[Muzammil] Behzad, M.

Behzadan, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Guiding or Exploring? Finding the Right Way to Teach Students Structural Analysis with Augmented Reality

Behzadi Khormouji, H. Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-fine parameter tuning for content-based object categorization
Includes: Behzadi Khormouji, H. Behzadi-Khormouji, H.

Behzadi, S. Co Author Listing * Introducing a Novel Method to Solve Shortest Path Problems Based On Structure of Network Using Genetic Algorithm
* Introducing an Agent-Based Object Recognition Operator for Proximity Analysis

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