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Bley Dalouman, H. Co Author Listing * Use of Very High Spatial Resolution Imagery for Mapping Wood Energy Potential From Tropical Managed Forest Stands, Reunion Island
Includes: Bley Dalouman, H. Bley-Dalouman, H.

Bley, H.[Heinrich] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Preprocessing of Electrical Schematics Using Picture Graphs

Bley, N.[Nadine] Co Author Listing * Quantification of Actin Structures Using Unsupervised Pattern Analysis Techniques

Bley, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Effects of Aerosols and Clouds on the Levels of Surface Solar Radiation and Solar Energy in Cyprus

Bley, T.A. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Particle Imaging for Quantification of Vascular Stenoses: A Phantom Study
* Superspeed Bolus Visualization for Vascular Magnetic Particle Imaging

Bleyer, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Accuracy-efficiency Evaluation of Adaptive Support Weight Techniques for Local Stereo Matching
* Development of a High-Level Simulation Approach and Its Application to Multicore Video Decoding
* Does Color Really Help in Dense Stereo Matching?
* Evaluation of Different Methods for Using Colour Information in Global Stereo Matching Approaches
* Extracting 3D Scene-Consistent Object Proposals and Depth from Stereo Images
* Fast Cost-Volume Filtering for Visual Correspondence and Beyond
* Graph-cut-based stereo matching using image segmentation with symmetrical treatment of occlusions
* Image-Based Stereoscopic Stylization
* layered stereo algorithm using image segmentation and global visibility constraints, A
* layered stereo matching algorithm using image segmentation and global visibility constraints, A
* Local stereo matching using geodesic support weights
* Near Real-Time Stereo With Adaptive Support Weight Approaches
* Object stereo: Joint stereo matching and object segmentation
* PatchMatch Stereo: Stereo Matching with Slanted Support Windows
* Secrets of adaptive support weight techniques for local stereo matching
* Segmentation-Based Motion with Occlusions Using Graph-Cut Optimization
* stereo approach that handles the matting problem via image warping, A
* Surface stereo with soft segmentation
* Temporally Consistent Disparity and Optical Flow via Efficient Spatio-temporal Filtering
Includes: Bleyer, M.[Michael] Bleyer, M.
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