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Boochoon, S. Co Author Listing * Training Deep Networks with Synthetic Data: Bridging the Reality Gap by Domain Randomization

Boochs, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * 3D-Sutra: Interactive Analysis Tool For A Web-Atlas of Scanned Sutra Inscriptions In China
* Approaches for geometrical and semantic modelling of huge unstructured 3D point clouds
* Asserting the Precise Position of 3D and Multispectral Acquisition Systems for Multisensor Registration Applied to Cultural Heritage Analysis
* Automatic Detection and Classification of Objects in Point Clouds using multi-stage Semantics
* Automatic Detection of Objects in 3D Point Clouds Based on Exclusively Semantic Guided Processes
* Characterisation of Spatial Techniques for Optimised Use in Cultural Heritage Documentation
* Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage: Key Questions in 3D Optical Documentation of Material Culture for Conservation, Study and Preservation
* From Acquisition to Presentation: The Potential of Semantics to Support the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage
* Integration of 3D and multispectral data for cultural heritage applications: Survey and perspectives
* Integration of knowledge into the detection of objects in point clouds
* Investigating the influence of ionizing radiation on standard CCD cameras and a possible impact on photogrammetric measurements
* Knowledge Based Optimal Recommendation of Spatial Technologies for Documentation of Buildings
* Knowledge-based Object Detection In Laser Scanning Point Clouds
* Object Semantic Segmentation in Point Clouds: Comparison of a Deep Learning and a Knowledge-Based Method
* Towards Optimal Spectral and Spatial Documentation of Cultural Heritage. COSCH: An Interdisciplinary Action in the Cost Framework
* Use of Imaging Techniques as a Support for the Preventive Conservation Strategy of Wall Paintings: Application to the Medieval Decors of the Château de Germolles
* Use of Local Surface Curvature Estimation for Adaptive Vision System Based on Active Light Projection
Includes: Boochs, F.[Frank] Boochs, F.
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