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Bosma, D.A.[Detmer A.] Co Author Listing * Advanced Data Processing Algorithm for Extraction of Polarimetric Radar Signatures of Moving Automotive Vehicles Using the H/A/alpha Decomposition Technique, An

Bosman, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Coastal Erosion and Flooding Threaten Low-Lying Coastal Tracts at Lipari (Aeolian Islands, Italy)
* Submarine and Subaerial Morphological Changes Associated with the 2014 Eruption at Stromboli Island

Bosman, D. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reconstruction of Buried Heat Sources from a Surface Thermogram

Bosman, P.A.N. Co Author Listing * Towards a Real-Time Minimally-Invasive Vascular Intervention Simulation System

Bosman, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Virtual Community Based Secure Service Discovery and Access for 3D Video Streaming Applications

Bosmans, G. Co Author Listing * Improving physical behavior in image registration

Bosmans, H. Co Author Listing * Development of a Rat Computational Phantom Using Boundary Representation Method for Monte Carlo Simulation in Radiological Imaging
* statistical evaluation of eye-tracking data of screening mammography: Effects of expertise and experience on image reading, A
Includes: Bosmans, H. Bosmans, H.[Hilde]

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