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Buesching, D. Co Author Listing * Efficiently Finding Bitangents

Bueso Bello, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Mapping Tropical Forests with TanDEM-X Bistatic InSAR Data
* Effective Method for InSAR Mapping of Tropical Forest Degradation in Hilly Areas, An
* Fully Automatic Algorithm for Editing the TanDEM-X Global DEM, A
* Global Water Body Layer from TanDEM-X Interferometric SAR Data, The
* High-Resolution Forest Mapping from TanDEM-X Interferometric Data Exploiting Nonlocal Filtering
* Relationship between Lidar-Derived Canopy Densities and the Scattering Phase Center of High-Resolution TanDEM-X Data
Includes: Bueso Bello, J.L.[Jose Luis] Bueso-Bello, J.L.[Jose-Luis] Bueso-Bello, J.L.[Josť-Luis]

Bueso, D. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear PCA for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Earth Observation Data

Buessen, A.T.[Anne T.] Co Author Listing * First Dedicated Balloon Catheter for Magnetic Particle Imaging

Buessler, J.L.[Jean Luc] Co Author Listing * ANIMATED-TEM: a toolbox for electron microscope automation based on image analysis
* Multi-scale and First Derivative Analysis for Edge Detection in TEM Images
* Robust threshold estimation for images with unimodal histograms
Includes: Buessler, J.L.[Jean Luc] Buessler, J.L.[Jean-Luc]

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