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Bujna, K.[Kathrin] Co Author Listing * Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of the EM and SEM Algorithm, A

Bujnak, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction from image collections with a single known focal length
* Automatic Generator of Minimal Problem Solvers
* Closed-Form Solutions to Minimal Absolute Pose Problems with Known Vertical Direction
* Efficient Solution to the Epipolar Geometry for Radially Distorted Cameras
* Fast and Stable Algebraic Solution to L2 Three-View Triangulation
* general solution to the P4P problem for camera with unknown focal length, A
* Making minimal solvers fast
* New Efficient Solution to the Absolute Pose Problem for Camera with Unknown Focal Length and Radial Distortion
* Polynomial Eigenvalue Solutions to Minimal Problems in Computer Vision
* Polynomial Eigenvalue Solutions to the 5-pt and 6-pt Relative Pose Problems
* Radial distortion homography
* Real-Time Solution to the Absolute Pose Problem with Unknown Radial Distortion and Focal Length
* Robust Focal Length Estimation by Voting in Multi-view Scene Reconstruction
* Robust Graph-Based Method for The General Correspondence Problem Demonstrated on Image Stitching, A
* Singly-Bordered Block-Diagonal Form for Minimal Problem Solvers
* Six Point Algorithm Revisited, The
Includes: Bujnak, M.[Martin] Bujnak, M.
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Bujnak, R.[Rastislav] Co Author Listing * High-resolution nowcasting and its application in road maintenance: experiences from the INCA Central European area project
Includes: Bujnak, R.[Rastislav] Bujnák, R.[Rastislav]

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