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Chwyl, B. Co Author Listing * High dynamic range map estimation via fully connected random fields with stochastic cliques
* Illumination Robust Facial Feature Detection via Decoupled Illumination and Texture Features
* Learning Efficient Deep Feature Representations via Transgenerational Genetic Transmission of Environmental Information During Evolutionary Synthesis of Deep Neural Networks
* SAPPHIRE: Stochastically acquired photoplethysmogram for heart rate inference in realistic environments
* Specular Reflectance Suppression in Endoscopic Imagery via Stochastic Bayesian Estimation
* TIGER: A texture-illumination guided energy response model for illumination robust local saliency
* TIGGER: A Texture-Illumination Guided Global Energy Response Model for Illumination Robust Object Saliency
* Time-Frequency Domain Analysis via Pulselets for Non-contact Heart Rate Estimation from Remotely Acquired Photoplethysmograms
* Tiny SSD: A Tiny Single-Shot Detection Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Real-Time Embedded Object Detection
Includes: Chwyl, B. Chwyl, B.[Brendan]
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