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Cintas, C.[Celia] Co Author Listing * Automatic ear detection and feature extraction using Geometric Morphometrics and convolutional neural networks

Cintra, D.P. Co Author Listing * PIMAR Project: Monitoring the Atlantic Rainforest Remnants and the Urban Growth of the Rio de Janeiro City (Brazil) Through Remote Sensing

Cintra, R.J. Co Author Listing * Analytic Expressions for Stochastic Distances Between Relaxed Complex Wishart Distributions
* Bias Correction and Modified Profile Likelihood Under the Wishart Complex Distribution
* Contrast in speckled imagery with stochastic distances
* Data-independent low-complexity KLT approximations for image and video coding
* DCT Approximation for Image Compression, A
* DCT approximations based on Chen's factorization
* Detecting Changes in Fully Polarimetric SAR Imagery With Statistical Information Theory
* Discrete Tchebichef Transform Approximation for Image and Video Coding, A
* Entropy-Based Statistical Analysis of PolSAR Data
* Fast computation of residual complexity image similarity metric using low-complexity transforms
* Fragile watermarking using finite field trigonometrical transforms
* Low-Complexity Image and Video Coding Based on an Approximate Discrete Tchebichef Transform
* Low-Complexity Multidimensional DCT Approximations for High-Order Tensor Data Decorrelation
* Multiplierless 16-point DCT approximation for low-complexity image and video coding
* multiplierless pruned DCT-like transformation for image and video compression that requires ten additions only, A
* Robust image watermarking using non-regular wavelets
* Row-Parallel 8X8 2-D DCT Architecture Using Algebraic Integer-Based Exact Computation, A
* Single-Channel Architecture for Algebraic Integer-Based 8X8 2-D DCT Computation, A
Includes: Cintra, R.J. Cintra, R.J.[Renato J.]
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