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Ciuonzo, D. Co Author Listing * Decision Fusion With Unknown Sensor Detection Probability
* Generalized Rao Test for Decentralized Detection of an Uncooperative Target
* Mean-Based Blind Hard Decision Fusion Rules
* Noncolocated Time-Reversal MUSIC: High-SNR Distribution of Null Spectrum
* On the Maximal Invariant Statistic for Adaptive Radar Detection in Partially Homogeneous Disturbance With Persymmetric Covariance
* On Time-Reversal Imaging by Statistical Testing
* One-Bit Decentralized Detection With a Rao Test for Multisensor Fusion
* Systematic Framework for Composite Hypothesis Testing of Independent Bernoulli Trials, A
Includes: Ciuonzo, D. Ciuonzo, D.[Domenico]
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