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Counsell, S. Co Author Listing * multivariate statistical analysis of the developing human brain in preterm infants, A

Counsell, S.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Whole Brain MRI Segmentation of the Developing Neonatal Brain
* Combined Manifold Learning Analysis of Shape and Appearance to Characterize Neonatal Brain Development, A
* Higher Order Spherical Harmonics Reconstruction of Fetal Diffusion MRI With Intensity Correction
* Learning and Combining Image Similarities for Neonatal Brain Population Studies
* Multi-channel 4D Probabilistic Atlas of the Developing Brain: Application to Fetuses and Neonates, A
Includes: Counsell, S.J. Counsell, S.J.[Serena J.]

Counts, T. Co Author Listing * Multistatic Ground-Penetrating Radar Experiments

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