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Cubiles de la Vega, M.D.[Maria Dolores] Co Author Listing * Reduced bootstrap aggregating of learning algorithms
Includes: Cubiles de la Vega, M.D.[Maria Dolores] Cubiles-de-la-Vega, M.D.[Maria-Dolores]

Cubillas, J.E. Co Author Listing * Application Of Support Vector Machine (SVM) Using CIELab Color Model, Color Intensity And Color Constancy As Features For Ortho Image Classification Of Benthic Habitats In Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines, The

Cubillas, J.J. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Mapping on 3D Models and Multi-Temporal Monitoring for Individual Characterization of Olive Trees

Cubillo, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Pseudo-Marginal Bayesian Multiple-Class Multiple-Kernel Learning for Neuroimaging Data

Cubillos, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Decomposition Approach to Solve Dial-a-Ride Problems Using Ant Computing and Constraint Programming

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