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Dadgostar, F.[Farhad] Co Author Listing * adaptive real-time skin detector based on Hue thresholding: A comparison on two motion tracking methods, An
* Appearance-Based Approach to Assistive Identity Inference Using LBP and Colour Histograms, An
* Content-Based Video Retrieval (CBVR) System for CCTV Surveillance Videos
* face biometric benchmarking review and characterisation, A
* Fast Real-Time Skin Detector for Video Sequences, A
* Gaussian Probabilistic Confidence Score for Biometric Applications
* Improved Person Re-Identification Using Statistical Approximation
* Novelty detection in human tracking based on spatiotemporal oriented energies
* Role of Spatiotemporal Oriented Energy Features for Robust Visual Tracking in Video Surveillance
* Square Patch Feature: Faster weak-classifier for robust object detection
Includes: Dadgostar, F.[Farhad] Dadgostar, F.
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