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Dais, J. Co Author Listing * Multivariable robust H-inf control for aeroengines using modified Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm

Daisuke, I. Co Author Listing * Tracking single microtubules by using B-spline curves and Hausdorff distance

Daisy, M. Co Author Listing * Depth-Guided Disocclusion Inpainting of Synthesized RGB-D Images
* Exemplar-Based Inpainting: Technical Review and New Heuristics for Better Geometric Reconstructions
* Radiometric confidence criterion for patch-based inpainting
* smarter exemplar-based inpainting algorithm using local and global heuristics for more geometric coherence, A
* Spatial Patch Blending for Artefact Reduction in Pattern-Based Inpainting Techniques
* Superpixel-based depth map inpainting for RGB-D view synthesis
* Tensor-Directed Spatial Patch Blending for Pattern-Based Inpainting Methods
Includes: Daisy, M. Daisy, M.[Maxime]
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Daisy, V.J.[V. Jenifer] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Crohn's disease lesions in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy images using SVM based classification

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