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Dapo, A.[Almin] Co Author Listing * All-in-One Application for Temporal Coordinate Transformation in Geodesy and Geoinformatics, An
* Cartographic Symbology for Crisis Mapping: A Comparative Study
* Comparative Analysis of Taxonomy, Standardisation and Availability Of Cartographic Symbol Sets for Crisis Mapping
* Geoinformation for Research of Ongoing Geodynamic Processes in The Republic of Croatia
Includes: Dapo, A.[Almin] –apo, A.[Almin] –apo, A.

Dapogny, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Deep Multi-Task Learning Using Semantically Orthogonal Spaces and Application to Facial Attributes Prediction
* Confidence-Weighted Local Expression Predictions for Occlusion Handling in Expression Recognition and Action Unit Detection
* DeCaFA: Deep Convolutional Cascade for Face Alignment in the Wild
* Deep Entwined Learning Head Pose and Face Alignment Inside an Attentional Cascade with Doubly-Conditional fusion
* DeeSCo: Deep heterogeneous ensemble with Stochastic Combinatory loss for gaze estimation
* Delving Deep into Interpreting Neural Nets with Piece-Wise Affine Representation
* Dynamic facial expression recognition by joint static and multi-time gap transition classification
* Dynamic Pose-Robust Facial Expression Recognition by Multi-View Pairwise Conditional Random Forests
* Face alignment with cascaded semi-parametric deep greedy neural forests
* Investigating Deep Neural Forests for Facial Expression Recognition
* JEMImE: A Serious Game to Teach Children with ASD How to Adequately Produce Facial Expressions
* MoDuL: Deep Modal and Dual Landmark-wise Gated Network for Facial Expression Recognition
* Multi-Output Random Forests for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Pairwise Conditional Random Forests for Facial Expression Recognition
* PLOP: Learning without Forgetting for Continual Semantic Segmentation
* Privileged Attribution Constrained Deep Networks for Facial Expression Recognition
* RED++: Data-Free Pruning of Deep Neural Networks via Input Splitting and Output Merging
* RULe: Relocalization-Uniformization-Landmark Estimation Network for Real-Time Face Alignment in Degraded Conditions
* SEMEDA: Enhancing segmentation precision with semantic edge aware loss
* SPIQ: Data-Free Per-Channel Static Input Quantization
Includes: Dapogny, A.[Arnaud] Dapogny, A.
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Daponte, J.S. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Genetic Algorithm Systems with Neural Network and Statistical Techniques for Analysis of Cloud Structures in Midlatitude Storm Systems

Daponte, V. Co Author Listing * Ontology-based Rule Compliance Checking for Subsurface Objects

Dapore, A.J. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Human Fibroadenomas Using Three-Dimensional Impedance Maps

Dapoto, S.H.[Sebastian H.] Co Author Listing * Mobile Path and Spin 3D Tracking and Reconstruction
Includes: Dapoto, S.H.[Sebastian H.] Dapoto, S.H.[SebastiŠn H.]

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