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Dauw, M. Co Author Listing * Omnifont recognition of text using topological recognition techniques

Dauwels, J.[Justin] Co Author Listing * Action-Stage Emphasized Spatiotemporal VLAD for Video Action Recognition
* Context Model for Pedestrian Intention Prediction Using Factored Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Fields
* Dynamic Prediction of the Incident Duration Using Adaptive Feature Set
* Efficient Variational Bayes Learning of Graphical Models With Smooth Structural Changes
* Estimating Travel Time Distributions by Bayesian Network Inference
* Factored Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Fields for single and multi-label sequence modeling
* Generic GPU-Accelerated Framework for the Dial-A-Ride Problem, A
* Learning to Solve Multiple-TSP With Time Window and Rejections via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Low-Dimensional Models for Compressed Sensing and Prediction of Large-Scale Traffic Data
* Matrix and Tensor Based Methods for Missing Data Estimation in Large Traffic Networks
* Near-Lossless Compression for Large Traffic Networks
* On Centralized and Decentralized Architectures for Traffic Applications
* R3L: Connecting Deep Reinforcement Learning To Recurrent Neural Networks for Image Denoising Via Residual Recovery
* Semantic Cues Enhanced Multimodality Multistream CNN for Action Recognition
* Spatiotemporal Patterns in Large-Scale Traffic Speed Prediction
Includes: Dauwels, J.[Justin] Dauwels, J.
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