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Deasy, J.O.[Joseph O.] Co Author Listing * Automated Estimation of the Biophysical Target for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning using Multimodality Image Analysis
* Automatic Bone and Marrow Extraction from Dual Energy CT through SVM Margin-Based Multi-Material Decomposition Model Selection
* Exploring feature-based approaches in PET images for predicting cancer treatment outcomes
* Multiple Resolution Residually Connected Feature Streams for Automatic Lung Tumor Segmentation From CT Images
* PSIGAN: Joint Probabilistic Segmentation and Image Distribution Matching for Unpaired Cross-Modality Adaptation-Based MRI Segmentation
Includes: Deasy, J.O.[Joseph O.] Deasy, J.O.

Deasy, S. Co Author Listing * News Story Segmentation in the Fischlar Video Indexing System

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