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Doytchinov, I.[Iordan] Co Author Listing * CrossLoc: Scalable Aerial Localization Assisted by Multimodal Synthetic Data

Doytsher, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Sequence Registration Based on a Linear Solution and Scale Invariant Keypoint Matching
* Dense DTM generalization aided by roads extracted from LiDAR data
* Detection and Reconstruction of Free Form Surfaces from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Extraction of 3D Spatial Polygons Based on the Overlapping Criterion for Roof Extraction from Aerial Images
* Multi-Temporal Time-Dependent Terrain Visualization through Localized Spatial Correspondence Parameterization
* Orthogonal Polynomials Supported by Regional Growing Segmentation for the Extraction of Terrain from Lidar Data
* Polygonal Approach for Automation in Extraction of Serial Modular Roofs, A
* Reconstruction of Complex Shape Buildings from Lidar Data Using Free Form Surfaces
* Right-Angle Building Hypothesis Generation in Regularized Urban Areas by Pose Clustering
* Visible Routes In 3D Dense City Using Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Doytsher, Y. Doytsher, Y.[Yerach]
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