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Dureja, S.[Sahil] Co Author Listing * Video-Text Compliance: Activity Verification Based on Natural Language Instructions

Durell, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Ground to Space CALibration Experiment (G-SCALE): Simultaneous Validation of UAV, Airborne, and Satellite Imagers for Earth Observation Using Specular Targets, The

Duren, R.M.[Riley M.] Co Author Listing * Methane Mapping with Future Satellite Imaging Spectrometers

Duren, Z. Co Author Listing * Subspace Matching Pursuit for Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data

Duret Lutz, A. Co Author Listing * Multi-band segmentation using morphological clustering and fusion: application to color image segmentation
* Obtaining Genericity for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Algorithms
Includes: Duret Lutz, A. Duret-Lutz, A.

Duret, J.[Jarod] Co Author Listing * Direct Text to Speech Translation System Using Acoustic Units

Duret, M. Co Author Listing * On Symmetric Alpha-Stable Noise After Short-Time Fourier Transformation

Durette, B.[Barthelemy] Co Author Listing * Efficient Demosaicing Through Recursive Filtering
* Simulation of the Retina: A Tool for Visual Prostheses
* Using Human Visual System modeling for bio-inspired low level image processing
* Visuo-auditory sensory substitution for mobility assistance: Testing TheVIBE
Includes: Durette, B.[Barthelemy] Durette, B.[Barthélémy] Durette, B.

Durette, G.[Gabrielle] Co Author Listing * Measuring the Potential and Realized (or Revealed) Spatial Access from Places of Residence and Work to Food Outlets in Rural Communities of Quebec, Canada

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