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Elachi, C. Co Author Listing * 2-D Pseudospectral Time-Domain (PSTD) Simulator for Large-Scale Electromagnetic Scattering and Radar Sounding Applications, A
* Introduction To The Physics and Techniques of Remote Sensing
Includes: Elachi, C. Elachi, C.[Charles]

Elachkar, I. Co Author Listing * Structural Similarity Measure of Users Profiles Based on A Weighted Bipartite Graphs

Elachqar, A.[Abdelrhani] Co Author Listing * Physics mathematization: Teachers' observations on the application of ICT
* Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions and Awareness toward Serious Games in the Classroom - Case of Morocco
Includes: Elachqar, A.[Abdelrhani] Elachqar, A.

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