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Erkek, B. Co Author Listing * Cost Analysis Of Spatial Data Production As Part Of Business Intelligence Within The Mapping Department
* Datum Transformation of Spatial Data and Application In Cadastre
* Oblique Photogrammetry and Usage on Land Administration
* Spatial Data Web Services Pricing Model Infrastructure
* Trusted Data Communication And Security Issues in GNSS Network Of Turkey

Erkent, O. Co Author Listing * Color Based Saccades for Attention Control
* Frustum-PointPillars: A Multi-Stage Approach for 3D Object Detection using RGB Camera and LiDAR
* General Object Tip Detection and Pose Estimation for Robot Manipulation
* GridTrack: Detection and Tracking of Multiple Objects in Dynamic Occupancy Grids
* Integration of Probabilistic Pose Estimates from Multiple Views
* Probabilistic Detection of Pointing Directions for Human-Robot Interaction
* RGB-D based place representation in topological maps
* Supervised Learning of Gesture-Action Associations for Human-Robot Collaboration
Includes: Erkent, O. Erkent, Ö.[Özgür] Erkent, Ö.
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