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Errico, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor UAV Application for Thermal Analysis on a Dry-Stone Terraced Vineyard in Rural Tuscany Landscape

Errico, J.H.[James H.] Co Author Listing * Bridging the semantic gap in sports video retrieval and summarization
* Method and system using meta-classes and polynomial discriminant functions for handwriting recognition
* MPEG-7 Colour Structure Descriptor: Image Description Using Colour and Local Spatial Information, The
* Multimedia content recommendation engine with automatic inference of user preferences
Includes: Errico, J.H.[James H.] Errico, J.H.

Errico, R.[Rosangela] Co Author Listing * Hippocampal Segmentation Tool Within an Open Cloud Infrastructure, An

Errico, V.[Vito] Co Author Listing * Geometric Model-Based Approach to Hand Gesture Recognition, A

Erricolo, D. Co Author Listing * Imaging Below Irregular Terrain Using RF Tomography
* power-efficient implementation of in-band full-duplex communication system (ReflectFX), A
* Radio Frequency Tomography for Nondestructive Testing of Pillars
* Radio Frequency Tomography for Tunnel Detection

Errington, A.F.C.[Angus F. C.] Co Author Listing * Temperature Compensation for Radiometric Correction of Terrestrial LiDAR Intensity Data

Erritali, M. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Location-Based Services for Wireless Sensor Networks
* Performance Analysis of Streaming Video over Vehicular Ad-Hoc
* Semantic Similarity/Relatedness for Cross Language Plagiarism Detection

Errize, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Improving Post-Earthquake Insurance Claim Management: A Novel Approach to Prioritize Geospatial Data Collection

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