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Farjad, B.[Babak] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-Based Remote Sensing for Early-Stage Detection of Ganoderma

Farjah, E. Co Author Listing * Combined Driver-Station Interactive Algorithm for a Maximum Mutual Interest in Charging Market, A

Farjas Abadia, M.[Mercedes] Co Author Listing * Approach to Improving GNSS Positioning Accuracy Using Several GNSS Devices, An
* Design and Development of a Low-Cost Aerial Mobile Mapping System for Multi-Purpose Applications
Includes: Farjas Abadia, M.[Mercedes] Farjas-Abadia, M.[Mercedes] Farjas Abadķa, M.

Farjas, M. Co Author Listing * Rock Art Recording in Khatm Al Melaha (United Arab Emirates): Multirange Data Scanning and Web Mapping Technologies

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