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Fekri, E.[Erfan] Co Author Listing * Training Sample Migration Method for Wetland Mapping and Monitoring Using Sentinel Data in Google Earth Engine, A

Fekri, F. Co Author Listing * Advances in Seismic Data Compression via Learning from Data: Compression for Seismic Data Acquisition
* Distributed Principal Component Analysis Compression for Smart Seismic Acquisition Networks, A
* Enhancement of text images using a context based nonlinear interpolative vector quantization method
* Generalized Interpolative Vector Quantization Method for Jointly Optimal Quantization, Interpolation, and Binarization of Text Images, A

Fekry, R.[Reda] Co Author Listing * Marker-Less UAV-LiDAR Strip Alignment in Plantation Forests Based on Topological Persistence Analysis of Clustered Canopy Cover

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