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Froba, B.[Bernhard] Co Author Listing * Boosting a Haar-Like Feature Set for Face Verification
* Evaluation of Sensor Calibration in a Biometric Person Recognition Framework based on Sensor Fusion
* Face detection with the modified census transform
* Face Tracking by Means of Continuous Detection
* Fast Frontal-View Face Detection Using a Multi-path Decision Tree
* Multi-Sensor Biometric Person Recognition in an Access Control System
* Orientation Template Matching for Face Localization in Complex Visual Scenes
* Real-time Active Shape Models for Face Segmentation
* Real-Time Face Detection Using Edge-Orientation Matching
* Robust face detection at video frame rate based on edge orientation features
Includes: Froba, B.[Bernhard] Fröba, B.[Bernhard] (Maybe also Froeba, B.)Froba, B. Fröba, B. (Maybe also Froeba, B.)
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Frobeen, L. Co Author Listing * Efficient Global Illumination for Morphable Models

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