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Gad, A.A.[Abd Alla] Co Author Listing * Remotely Sensed Soil Data Analysis Using Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study of El-Fayoum Depression, Egypt
Includes: Gad, A.A.[Abd Alla] Gad, A.A.[Abd-Alla]

Gad, N.[Nashaat] Co Author Listing * Long-Term, High-Resolution Survey of Atmospheric Aerosols over Egypt with NASA's MODIS Data

Gad, R.[Rudiger] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality Based Space Operations: A Study of ESA's Potential for VR Based Training and Simulation
Includes: Gad, R.[Rudiger] Gad, R.[Rüdiger]

Gad, R.S. Co Author Listing * Detecting Disguise Attacks on Multi-spectral Face Recognition Through Spectral Signatures
* Extended Spectral to Visible Comparison Based on Spectral Band Selection Method for Robust Face Recognition

Gad, S.[Samia] Co Author Listing * Off-line arabic signature recognition and verification

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