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Gelman, A.[Andriy] Co Author Listing * Interactive multiview image coding
* Multiview Image Coding Using Depth Layers and an Optimized Bit Allocation
* Multiview image compression using a layer-based representation
* Wireless Digital Communication Technologies for Drilling: Communication in the Bits/s Regime
Includes: Gelman, A.[Andriy] Gelman, A.

Gelman, L. Co Author Listing * Feature Representation: Both Components of the Fourier Transform vs. Hartley Transform
* Signal recognition: Fourier transform vs. Cosine transform
* Signal recognition: Fourier transform vs. Hartley transform
Includes: Gelman, L. Gelman, L.[Leonid]

Gelmini, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Online Assessment of Driving Riskiness via Smartphone-Based Inertial Measurements

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