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Ghita, D.E.I.[Dana E. Ilea] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach to Brain Extraction from Premature Infant MRI, A

Ghita, O. Co Author Listing * Adaptive noise removal approach for restoration of digital images corrupted by multimodal noise
* Automatic Segmentation of Mitochondria in EM Data Using Pairwise Affinity Factorization and Graph-Based Contour Searching
* bin picking system based on depth from defocus, A
* Cellular Tracking in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Images
* Evaluating the performance and correlation of colour invariant local image feature detectors
* Evaluation of robustness against rotation of LBP, CCR and ILBP features in granite texture classification
* Experimentation on the Use of Chromaticity Features, Local Binary Pattern, and Discrete Cosine Transform in Colour Texture Analysis
* Image feature enhancement based on the time-controlled total variation flow formulation
* Integration of feature distributions for colour texture segmentation
* Multi-resolution Texture Classification Based on Local Image Orientation
* New Anticorrelation-Based Spectral Clustering Formulation, A
* new GVF-based image enhancement formulation for use in the presence of mixed noise, A
* New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition, A
* Note on Feature Selection for Polyp Detection in CT Colonography
* Novel Framework for Tracking In-vitro Cells in Time-lapse Phase Contrast Data, A
* Novel Model-Based 3D {+} Time Left Ventricular Segmentation Technique, A
* Novel Visual Speech Representation and HMM Classification for Visual Speech Recognition, A
* On the projection similarity in line grouping
* Pose estimation for objects with planar surfaces using eigenimage and range data analysis
* Segmentation of the Left Ventricle of the Heart in 3-D+t MRI Data Using an Optimized Nonrigid Temporal Model
* Texture Enhanced Histogram Equalization Using TV-L^1 Image Decomposition
Includes: Ghita, O. Ghita, O.[Ovidiu]
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