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Gijsbers, G.[Geert] Co Author Listing * Comparing Image-Based Respiratory Motion Correction Methods for Anatomical Roadmap Guided Cardiac Electrophysiology Procedures

Gijsenij, A.[Arjan] Co Author Listing * Color Constancy for Multiple Light Sources
* Color constancy using 3D scene geometry
* Color Constancy Using 3D Scene Geometry Derived From a Single Image
* Color Constancy using Image Regions
* Color Constancy using Natural Image Statistics
* Color Constancy Using Natural Image Statistics and Scene Semantics
* Color constancy using stage classification
* Computational Color Constancy: Survey and Experiments
* Edge classification using photo-geometric features
* Edge-Based Color Constancy
* Effects of chromatic image statistics on illumination induced color differences
* Generalized Gamut Mapping using Image Derivative Structures for Color Constancy
* Improving Color Constancy by Photometric Edge Weighting
* Perceptual analysis of distance measures for color constancy algorithms
* Perceptual Comparison of Distance Measures for Color Constancy Algorithms, A
* Physics-based edge evaluation for improved color constancy
* Providing a Single Ground-Truth for Illuminant Estimation for the ColorChecker Dataset
* Reproduction Angular Error for Evaluating the Performance of Illuminant Estimation Algorithms, The
* Reproduction Angular Error: An Improved Performance Metric for Illuminant Estimation
* Shadow edge detection using geometric and photometric features
* Signet: Intrinsic Image Decomposition by a Semantic and Invariant Gradient Driven Network for Indoor Scenes
* Source camera identification using Auto-White Balance approximation
Includes: Gijsenij, A.[Arjan] Gijsenij, A.
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